Online masterclass: design thinking in higher education


How do you get the design thinking mindset in your work as a lecturer? How do you use design thinking tools in your lessons? And how do you guide students who choose design thinking as a method for their projects, research and graduation? In this online masterclass Eveline van Zeeland shares her experiences as a lecturer, trainer and supervisor. From design thinking to design doing!

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Focusing on solutions instead of problems, design thinking is popular in (higher) education. Many students use design thinking as a method for conducting (research) projects. However, it is much more than that: It’s a way of looking at the world. Once they have used design thinking in a project, students will naturally become inspired by the design thinking mindset.

In this online masterclass, Eveline van Zeeland will show you how to help your students use design thinking. She will discuss the following topics:

  • the concepts of design thinking
  • the Stanford Design School step-by-step plan
  • common design thinking tools
  • help and guidance in the implementation of a design thinking project
  • reporting, for example upon graduation


Practical information

This online masterclass will be offered twice: on Friday June 9 from 10 to 11.30 am and on Friday June 23 from 10 to 11.30 am. For lecturers attending this meeting is for free. If you would like to participate, please leave your details here:





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