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Design thinking is often used as a method for (research) projects. However, it is much more than that: it’s a way of looking at the world. When you once used design thinking in a project, you will naturally become inspired by the design thinking mindset.

This book will be published in the beginning of 2023. From that moment on it will be possible to download a preview of the book. For Dutch readers: Download hier een preview van het boek of bekijk de online masterclass design thinking in het hoger onderwijs. Voor docenten is een uitgebreide preview en extra materiaal bij het boek beschikbaar.

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From design thinking to design doing!


GETTING STARTED WITH DESIGN THINKING is 100% practical. After you became acquainted with the design thinking method in chapter 1, you’ll get started right away. In chapters 2 to 6 you will go through the phases of a design thinking process. In these chapters you will find many useful tools and practical tips. In chapter 7 you will read how to implement your design. Chapter 8 offers you tips for writing a report on your project. This last chapter is particularly useful for students writing a thesis.

This book contains everything you need to know to carry out a design thinking project. At the end of each chapter you will find exercises and a roadmap to get started with your own design. This is without a doubt the most practical book on design thinking you will read: from design thinking to design doing!

Eveline van Zeeland is a researcher, entrepreneur and author. She previously wrote Basisboek Neuromarketing and Marketing Book of the Year 2020 Marketing Design with Customer Journey Mapping. Eveline guides students, professionals and organizations in the use of design thinking. In GETTING STARTED WITH DESIGN THINKING she doesn’t just teach you to think as a designer, she gives an answer to all those questions to which she didn’t find the answer in other books on design thinking.

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